Aug 28, 2011

Pikachu Pokemon Game-Nintendo Game Boy

"Hey you,Pikachu!"
Pikachu Pokemon game is one Nintendo game.Nintendo is a great company who also creat Super Paper Mario Game.If you donot play Pikachu Pokemon game yet,I am sure you have play Super Paper Mario Game.No matter you know Pikachu game or not,let's move together  to learn this interesting game rule.
Pikachu is a yellow animal in the pokemon game and need level up based on the EXP when you hit the enemy. When you begin the game,you are playing a trainer of these lovely pokemon,the total number of the pokemon is 151,if you lose the HP when playing ,then stand the game is over.You can try the game,interesting.
As the Super Mario shoes,I also had found Pikachu Nikes on nike dunk high series,bellow image we share.
                                  Pikachu Nikes Yellow Dunks High New
                                   Pikachu Nikes Dunk High Old

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