Aug 31, 2011

Super Mario 3-Converse Canvas High shoes

Hello,today is another topic of Super Mario,the previous we show you the nike super mario dunks on Aug 27th,2011.You can learn how hot super mario is on game and our life.Today,the master is Converse.Well,not to say much,show some pic first.

The Super Mario is in a different image on Super Mario 3.If you have find out what's the difference,tell me on the comments,thanks!
The Super Mario on these Super Mario Converse shoes is with more expressive face that looks as a fun loving.Other characters on these Converse Super Mario shoes is mushroom and turtle.
Compare with Nike Dunks Super Mario shoes,this Super Mario Canvas shoes is also a good choice,what do you think?

Aug 30, 2011

America Animation Series-SpongeBob Squarepants and Spongebob shoes

"I'm ready!"This is SpongeBob Squarepants.
SpongeBob is one of the hottest America animation series TV Show.The data is 60 million visitors every month ,these visitors not just the child but half is adult.From 2002 to 2004 ,SpongeBob continuous to own Emmy Award in these three years.Some person give high evaluation"This is the most charismatic of the cartoon on TV Show, it has a clean of pure joy set on the adult humor and children's innocence".From this,we can learn how much happiness that SpongeBob give to people.The square body of Bob is with one big smile face.I am fall in deep love with SpongeBob,when I see his face,I cannot help myself to laugh,how do you?
 In order to share more happiness with people all the world,Nike created many different kinds Nike Spongebob Dunks shoes.These Spongebob nikes are in high styles,for Nike Dunk High is the most popular shoes in people.If you like these Spongebob Dunks,just comments here to share your love with others.

Are you fall love with these cute Spongebob shoes now???

Aug 29, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse-Disney Star Shoes

Disney famous star:Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse is here today.
They were born in Nov. 1928.Calculate to this year 2011,they are 83 years old now.But they still looks love and sweet for they are cartoon character and they will live in each of the s and s children.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse is hot person every way.When a holiday,we often can see Mickey and Minnie Mouse stand on the garden of park and many people no matter adult or child is taking photo with them,if you do this kind things yet???
Another hot point is that we can found them especial Mickey Mouse on T-shirt ,toy,shoes,Jeans and paperwall .....these things let you looks love and cute.On this blog,I show another professional designed shoes that is nike dunk high shoes,enjoy the pictures of Mickey Mouse Nike Dunk High Shoes and Minnie Mouse Nike Dunk High Shoes.These two Nike Mickey Mouse and Nike Minnie Mouse have two versions.
                                     Nike Mickey Mouse Dunks High New
                                     Nike Mickey Mouse Dunks High Old

Aug 28, 2011

Pikachu Pokemon Game-Nintendo Game Boy

"Hey you,Pikachu!"
Pikachu Pokemon game is one Nintendo game.Nintendo is a great company who also creat Super Paper Mario Game.If you donot play Pikachu Pokemon game yet,I am sure you have play Super Paper Mario Game.No matter you know Pikachu game or not,let's move together  to learn this interesting game rule.
Pikachu is a yellow animal in the pokemon game and need level up based on the EXP when you hit the enemy. When you begin the game,you are playing a trainer of these lovely pokemon,the total number of the pokemon is 151,if you lose the HP when playing ,then stand the game is over.You can try the game,interesting.
As the Super Mario shoes,I also had found Pikachu Nikes on nike dunk high series,bellow image we share.
                                  Pikachu Nikes Yellow Dunks High New
                                   Pikachu Nikes Dunk High Old

NBA Basketball Team Which You Support?

"Did you watch NBA game...?So excited!" this is the first communication for some guys when meeting and for many people,when they are talking about NBA,they have many many topics.This is one crazy game in the world.But do you know how many team they have and what's their names?The answer is 30.They are Boston Celtics,Dallas Mavericks,New Jersey Nets,Houston Rockets,New York Knicks,Memphis Grizzlies,Philadelphia 76ers,New Orleans Hornets,Toronto Raptors,San Antonio Spurs ,Chicago Bulls,Denver Nuggets,Cleveland Cavaliers,Minnesota Timberwolves,Minneapolis Detroit Pistons,Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Oklahoma City Thunder ,Milwaukee Bucks,Utah Jazz,Salt Lake City Atlanta Hawks,Golden State Warriors,Charlotte Bobcats,Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat,Los Angeles Lakers,Orlando Magic,Phoenix Suns,Washington Wizards,Sacramento Kings.
Nike is NBA league official designated sponsors.2011 year,Nike have the new nike dunk low that for NBA Team ,the features of these NBA Pack is the logo of team and the colorway of the logo of these teams instead the previous created for the great player,now let's enjoy these colorful nikes and can you tell me which NBA Basketball Team you support if you like.
                                  Boston Celtics Nikes Dunk Low
                                  Chicago Bulls Nike Red Dunks Low
                                  Dallas Mavericks Nike Dunks Low
                                  LA Lakers Nike Dunks Low
                                 San Antonio Spurs Nike Dunks Low

Aug 27, 2011

Nike Super Paper Mario Nikes Video Game-Super Mario and Princess Peach

Today,when I travelled in the network world.Inadvertently I met one new version of the Ending of Super Mario on Youtube,if you have interesting what's the end of Super Mario game,you can try to view the video.

In my heart ,these persons on the Super Mario Game are living forever.In the game there have 4 main characters:Super Mario,Luigi,Yoshi and Peach Princess.
 I am so happy to find all these series comic shoes in nike dunk high,some colorful nikes  have different two versions.
New and Hot Sale Now:
super mario nike dunks high tops Princess Peach Shoes For Girl
super mario nike luigi dunks

                                      Super Mario Nike Dunk High New
                                     Super Mario Nike Dunk High Old
                                     Luigi Nike Dunk High New
                                      Luigi Nike Dunk High Old
                                    Yoshi Nike Dunk High
bowser nike dunks high 

                                   Peach Princess Nike Dunk High

Which is your lovest actor in the game,you can leave your message on comment.

Aug 25, 2011

Colorful Nikes World Cup Dunks High 2010 Sneakers

                               Nike world cup dunks high 2010 sneaker USA
                               Nike world cup dunks high 2010 sneaker Africa
                                Nike world cup dunks high 2010 sneaker Germany
                              Nike world cup dunks high 2010 sneaker Denmark
                              Nike world cup dunks high 2010 sneaker Argentina
Yeah,I know everyone want to own what he/she dreams.We are not the producer,so we just can choose what we thing are better.Here the Nike colorful shoes ,I think someone may like,so list here.The uppers are colorful Nikes World Cup Dunks High Shoes,If you notice them when 2010 World Cup Game.These World Cup Nikes is designed by Brass Monki,if you agree with me they are charming,just visit to find more.