Aug 28, 2011

NBA Basketball Team Which You Support?

"Did you watch NBA game...?So excited!" this is the first communication for some guys when meeting and for many people,when they are talking about NBA,they have many many topics.This is one crazy game in the world.But do you know how many team they have and what's their names?The answer is 30.They are Boston Celtics,Dallas Mavericks,New Jersey Nets,Houston Rockets,New York Knicks,Memphis Grizzlies,Philadelphia 76ers,New Orleans Hornets,Toronto Raptors,San Antonio Spurs ,Chicago Bulls,Denver Nuggets,Cleveland Cavaliers,Minnesota Timberwolves,Minneapolis Detroit Pistons,Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Oklahoma City Thunder ,Milwaukee Bucks,Utah Jazz,Salt Lake City Atlanta Hawks,Golden State Warriors,Charlotte Bobcats,Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat,Los Angeles Lakers,Orlando Magic,Phoenix Suns,Washington Wizards,Sacramento Kings.
Nike is NBA league official designated sponsors.2011 year,Nike have the new nike dunk low that for NBA Team ,the features of these NBA Pack is the logo of team and the colorway of the logo of these teams instead the previous created for the great player,now let's enjoy these colorful nikes and can you tell me which NBA Basketball Team you support if you like.
                                  Boston Celtics Nikes Dunk Low
                                  Chicago Bulls Nike Red Dunks Low
                                  Dallas Mavericks Nike Dunks Low
                                  LA Lakers Nike Dunks Low
                                 San Antonio Spurs Nike Dunks Low

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