Sep 16, 2011

Bowser x Yoshi Nike Dunks High Sneaker Koopa Shoes

Bowser(Koopa) and Yoshi are the character in Super Mario Bros. X ,one game by Andrew Sprinks.The same as Super Mario X,the Super Mario Bros. X set the level editor.The best features of the Super Mario Bros. X game is allowed two people to go through the game the same time and add the new billy gun in the game.
Bowser has the great body with the giant spiny carapace.How we can fight with him,we can move bricks, turtle shell, plants, hammer and fireball fight with him.
For Yoshi,I think we all learn its very well.Now we go to see their seires magic nike dunks shoes.

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                                                    Bowser Nikes
Nike Bowser Shoes
                                           Nike Dunk High Yoshi Shoes
                                                     Nike Yoshi
                                                      Simple Yoshi Shoes
                                                Nike High Yoshi Dunks
                                               Yoshi Nike Dunks High Sneaker
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