Aug 29, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse-Disney Star Shoes

Disney famous star:Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse is here today.
They were born in Nov. 1928.Calculate to this year 2011,they are 83 years old now.But they still looks love and sweet for they are cartoon character and they will live in each of the s and s children.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse is hot person every way.When a holiday,we often can see Mickey and Minnie Mouse stand on the garden of park and many people no matter adult or child is taking photo with them,if you do this kind things yet???
Another hot point is that we can found them especial Mickey Mouse on T-shirt ,toy,shoes,Jeans and paperwall .....these things let you looks love and cute.On this blog,I show another professional designed shoes that is nike dunk high shoes,enjoy the pictures of Mickey Mouse Nike Dunk High Shoes and Minnie Mouse Nike Dunk High Shoes.These two Nike Mickey Mouse and Nike Minnie Mouse have two versions.
                                     Nike Mickey Mouse Dunks High New
                                     Nike Mickey Mouse Dunks High Old

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